Mistakes and Bloopers

DFD 21 in 1989. After repeating the call sign "Delta Foxtrot.." the voice continues up the alphabet to Quebec! courtesy Peter H (Germany)

DFD 21 in 1989. The tones generator gets mixed up with a test count
courtesy Peter H (Germany)

G5 Counting station mixing with S5 OLX  

E3 Lincs Poacher mixing with G16 "Sierra Bravo" on 11545 kHz 

V1 Skylark mixing with E5 Counting station

E3 Jamming transmitter in trouble! 

The final V1 Skylark Rumanian Transmission-hear the tension! 

G16 "Alpha Uniform" sending two out of sync. messages on same frequency!

E5 + E10 5435 kHz 10 OCT 07 2100 UTC mixing together. (DXer in Russia)

G16 “Uniform India” (USB) / “Alpha Lima” (AM) on the same freq 5770 kHz, recorded in May 1986, 0800 UTC (Jochen S)