Appeal: 2004

Hello Folks and thanks for visiting this page. Thanks also to the many people who have kindly sent in sound clips of number stations in the past years - they are all on this site for everyone to hear and "enjoy".

Here is a little "competition". To those who e-mail their number station sound clips, perhaps gathering dust on some ancient cassette in an attic, I will enter their name into a draw. The winner of the draw will receive a boxed set of The CONET Project shown here, including illustrated booklet

The draw will take place at 2000 UTC on 31 DEC 04 using the Lincolnshire Poacher's random numbers at that time to choose the winner. I take a 5F number from your e-mail properties and assign you with it. The person whose ID number is nearest Lincolnshire Poacher's header is the winner. 

The winner: Sergey in Ukraine.

The 5F header at 2000 UTC on 31 DEC 04 was ...

64834 which was very close to Sergey's 64702
Well done to Sergey and thanks to everyone else for taking part.

OK we're off and running. Phill in Bristol is the first person to send in a sound clip. Albeit a segment of the track "Gyroscope" by the band "Boards of Canada". It qualifies as it contains a clip of the E5 CIA " Counting Station" in it.

ID number Entrant
26782 Phill in Bristol

Second entry is from Billy in Ohio, USA who provided these two superb recordings of the rare E21 "British" CIA counting station. The first clip is the voice generator being used for telephone announcement purposes and the second is an actual recording of a transmission around 9.8 MHz on 20 APR 1981. 

ID number Entrant
22870 Billy in Ohio

Next, a whole raft of recordings from Leen in The Netherlands who kindly sent in these 19 sound clips.
These files were taken from the site
BND Delta Mike  CIA German YL  CIA Jammer  CIA YL 4F  DFD21 BND  
Polytones  Swedish Rhapsody  3note oddity  Buzzer  Polytones message
BND Yankee Bravo  KGB German YL  KGB German YL2  M10 Unknown German YL
Slot Machine  M12  2232 kHz oddity  Swedish Rhapsody1

Thanks again to Leen. 

ID number Entrant
62251 Leen in Gelderland, The Netherlands.

Now an excellent quartet of clips from the 1970s from Andrew T.
The very rare "Aida" S1 station  
5 NOV 1978 at 2146 UTC on 4.735MHz.
The East German "Gongs" G3   22 SEP 1978 2025 3.355MHz.
A previously unheard "Spruchnummer" G20 station.
13 SEP 1978 on  5.5MHz at 1900 UTC.
Swedish Rhapsody station 
5.1MHz, 1 AUG 1977 at 0905 UTC.

ID number Entrant
31419 Andrew T.

Here are some very rare recordings of the G14 stations DFC37
and DFD21 from the 1970s and the G16 2-letter stations, kindly 
sent in by Jochen in Germany, the "Kopf" of number station monitoring. 
Thanks Jochen

DFC 37 1970s    DFD 21 1970s

Yankee Bravo   Papa Lima  Papa Zulu    Papa Golf 

ID number Entrant
10675  Jochen Schäfer from Germany.

Jason C. from Canada has sent in some clips he recorded using an Italian web
radio. First up is the old "Bulgarian Betty" voiced S17C Czech Lady on 8190 kHz.
Then a triplet of E10 transmissions and an E3 Lincs. Poacher. 
Thanks Jason.

S17C 8190    E10 ULX   E10 YHF    E10 ULX (2)   E3 Lincs. Poacher

ID number Entrant
14708 Jason C. from Canada

Patricia from Germany sends in this excellent piece of 1980's European 
electropop by a group called Okay. The track finishes with our old friend 
S5 , The Czech Lady OLX, with her night long numbers. Here she repeats
"Nula Osm Dva"  "082". Thanks Patricia - give my regards to Jochen!

Okay - OK

ID number Entrant
88591 Patricia A. from Coelbe, Germany.
"Centre of the EU"

Mike C. from Maine, USA sent in the intro of the track by Jack Dangers called 
"Numbers" from the album "Hello Friends" which features the Cuban Spanish YL V2 

Jack Dangers - Numbers

ID number Entrant
61105 Mike C. in Maine, USA.

Brad in Colorado, USA forwarded this track called "21.252" by Danny Eskanazi
amateur callsign K7SS. The track was released on an album called "Seattle Syndrome".
Thanks Brad.

Danny Eskanazi - "21.252"

ID number Entrant
90190 Brad in Colorado, USA.

Next a contributor called "Mystic Handyman" who forwards half a dozen clips 
of numbers oddities.


ID number Entrant
41437 Mystic Handyman in Oxon, UK.

JSR starts up on 5091 kHz then drifts off frequency JSR 21 FEB 02

E5 Counting Station gets mixed up with E3 Lincs. Poacher on 6959 kHz E5 25 JUN 01

G4 "Three note oddity" pops up right next to Shannon VOLMET on 5376 kHz G4 11 JAN 99

General mix of various stations. Mixed.

Russian Man E7 mixing with E3 Lincs. Poacher on 6959 kHz E7 2001

EZI 2 mixing with Russian Man E7 on 6840 kHz EZI 25 MAR 99

Sergey in Ukraine has sent in this clip of the Lincs. Poacher recorded
on 26 DEC 04 on 15682 kHz.

E3 Lincs Poacher 1400 UTC 15682 kHz.  E3 26 DEC 04.

ID number Entrant
64702 Sergey in Ukraine.

Rob in Huddersfield gets in under the wire with 3 hours to go with another
Lincs. Poacher transmission heard on his new Roberts R 827.

E3 Lincs Poacher late DEC 04.  E3 31 DEC 04.

ID number Entrant
00078 Rob in Huddersfield.