The winner: Phil in Wales

The 5F header at 2000 UTC on 31 DEC 07 was ...

09577 which was the closest to Phil's 15986
Well done to Phil and thanks to everyone else for taking part.

Phil - please contact me ASAP as I have lost all of my e-mail data in a computer crash in Oct 07. I will send you your prize
if you e-mail me your address. Thank You.

Appeal: 07

Here is another competition which will be run along the same lines of the appeal in 04. To those who e-mail their number station sound clips, perhaps gathering dust on some ancient cassette in an attic, I will enter their name into a draw. The winner of the draw will receive a brand new boxed Garmin etrex GPS receiver. 

The draw will take place at 2000 UTC on 31 DEC 07 using the Lincolnshire Poacher's random numbers at that time to choose the winner. I take a 5F number from your e-mail properties and assign you with it. The person whose ID number is nearest Lincolnshire Poacher's header is the winner.

First into this year's competition is the ever faithful "Poacher" in Russia. His entry is a full transmission of the Russian Man S6 which he logged at the end of 06. 

ID number: 25608 Entrant: Poacher in Russia

Next is Mike in Sussex who sends in this recording of E15 with Baker Edward Charlie
Then Queen Robert Union = QRU = no message. Recorded 12 APR 05 at 1100 UTC on 18000 kHz.

ID number: 00086  Entrant: Mike In Sussex, UK

From Cairo, Egypt Mr. DXer sends in this recording of E10 with Charlie India Oscar 2.  
It is interfering with Radio Djibouti. Recorded 12 JAN 07 at 1645 UTC on 4780 kHz.

ID number: 55060 Entrant: Mr DXer in Cairo, Egypt.

From California, USA David Thomas sends in this recording of V2
Recorded 11 JAN 07 at 0805 UTC on 9040 kHz.

ID number: 69637 Entrant: David Thomas, CA, USA.

Hailing from Greece, Manolis sends in this recording of the newly reactivated G11.
Recorded 1 FEB 07 at 1800 UTC on 5779 kHz.

ID number: 75432 Entrant: Manolis P. in Greece.

From North Wales, Phil sends in this video of the Polytone station XPL.
Recorded on his scanner. He provides his own 5F ID. 
11430kHz at 2030z 30 MAY 07

ID number: 15986  Entrant: Phil in N Wales.

View the video footage of "Der Westen Leuchtet" 
Thanks to Matthias M. in Preston for the clip. "Der Westen Leuchtet" VIDEO clip.

ID number: 16763 Entrant: Matthias in Preston.

DX of Russia has sent in the enormous E11b transmission of 5 SEP 07 calling 186/204.
Recorded at 1101 UTC on 9611 kHz. E11b 186/204 5 SEP 07

ID number: 86636 Entrant: DX in Russia.

Glynn in Yorkshire has sent in another E11b transmission of 15 SEP 07 calling 886/71.
Recorded at 1600 UTC on 10429 kHz. E11b 886/71 15 SEP 07

ID number: 49396 Entrant: Glynn in Yorkshire

Ice in Russia has sent in a E11 transmission of 26 SEP 07 calling 330/23.
Recorded at 2043 UTC on 5194 kHz. E11 330/23 26 SEP 07

ID number: 90679 Entrant: Ice in Russia.

Juan Carlos in Spain sent in a programme (Radio Enlace) of Radio Netherlands Spanish
language service from 1990 which has a feature on Number Stations. Radio Netherlands 1990
Juan Carlos!

ID number: 94041 Entrant: Juan Carlos in Spain

Peter H. in Germany sent in a recording of the G3 Gongs station from the late 1980's.
G3 Gongs c.1988
Thanks Peter.

ID number: 66750 Entrant: Peter H. in Germany

Brian C. in Kansas has sent in 3 recordings: 

The first recording is E3 recorded on June 13 2007 at 22:00 UTC.  It was being transmitted on 12603 kHz.  It isn't the full transmission.  At the 8:28 mark, the number count ends abruptly.  After about one minute, it resumes.  I shut the tape recorder off, and restarted it when the count started back up, so the gap in the recording isn't that long.
The next recording is E3 again.  It was recorded on June 18 2007 at 22:00 UTC.  It was transmitted on 11545 kHz.  It is also not the full transmission.  You will hear that there is a strange 'hiccup' that occurs throughout, especially on the first number of each group.  This isn't a flaw with my tape, so it must have been a problem at their end

This is V2 clashing with E10 EZI 2.  It was recorded on June 15 2007 on 11565 kHz at 04:00 UTC.  V2 is very distorted at first because I was trying to record E10 on the upper sideband.  V2 is almost always transmitted on standard AM.  When E10 ends it's transmission, I try to tune in V2.  You'll hear me trying to do this.  The strange thing is, I can't seem to find it.  Well, it turns out that our little Cuban revolutionary was hiding out in the lower sideband!  I believe this is fairly rare.  If you keep listening, you'll hear that I finally find her.
Thanks Brian.

ID number: 59944 Entrant: Brian C. in Kansas, USA

Jochen Schäfer shows why he is the "Kopf" or head of the German number station scene with an amazing array of historical recordings on cassette. There are so may I have had to give him his own page. Thanks for your time and efforts Jochen.
Jochen Schäfer's historical recordings page.

ID number: 88591 Entrant: Jochen S.  in Germany

The Number Crunch is a musical piece by Duffy Laudick from Colorado, USA. It incorporates the "English Lady"
into the track.

ID number: 65904 Entrant: Duffy Laudick in Colorado, USA

This recording of the Cuban V2 station was recorded on Monday 24 DEC 07 at 0830 UTC on 5900 kHz by Giuseppina in Sardinia. 

Felice Anno Nuovo 08 Giuseppina!

ID number: 56545 Entrant: Giuseppina in Sardinia.

"Mr Babbler" sends in the V21 Babbler from Cuba counting from 1 to 50 and says "I've not found any other good Babbler recordings online so hopefully this will be a nice addition." Indeed it is Sir! Thanks. 

ID number: 21453 Entrant: Mr Babbler in the USA.