E9 V8
E9 Magnetic Fields (full 3m 45s) 
V8 Eastern Music  (full 4m 45s)
FAMILY XII 6647 & 11292 kHz Description courtesy ENIGMA

E9 (formerly MAGNETIC FIELDS) Although E9 is not at present active it has managed to cause a problem with our identification system by allowing its sister station V8 (see below) to use its on air musical introduction “Magnetic Fields” followed by a transmission in Arabic. Previously "Magnetic Fields" was only associated 'with English language transmissions.

V8 (EASTERN MUSIC STATION) This station is now using the "Magnetic Fields" musical introduction in place of its previous 'Arab style' piece. The music chosen relates to schedule, not language, as previously assumed. We can however tell you more about this piece of music, with thanks to Christian and Andreas (Germany) for the following information. The music used by the station is reported to be played by a European musician. Jorgen lngmann a Danish guitar player produced the piece on the 'B' side of a 1960 record. His title of the music is “Sahara”. He also made a recording of a Greek folk song, "Parastos' , for years used as the interval signal for the Greek programme of German public radio for Greeks living in Germany, and he titled this piece "Corfu".

The schedule seems to be changing. Previous transmissions were always sent on the first or second SAT of the month at either 1800 or 19.00 on 6645 kHz. Transmissions were reported on May 8t, June 5 and July 3.In October the station appeared on MON 11th and MON 25th October at1900 on 6645 kHz. The signal strength seems to have improved considerably and modulation (still a bit low) is much better. Technical problems also seem to have diminished. On the MON 11th October transmission a slight fault did occur. At 19.09 a male voice in Arabic was heard for about 20 seconds (it sounded like the end of the news) on the same audio feed as the numbers message. This was quickly switched off.