Recording 1: this is one of my E25 recordings, a bit unique these days. It consists of a message sent live, with a male operator, in AM. At first you can hear some beeps and windows 7 sounds. That comes from the computer soundcard that is usually used for the automated female voice. However, he later opens the noisy microphone and decides to send the message himself. He makes some mistakes in reading, specially in the repeat. Link.

Recording 2: This other recording is from the Ukrainian station E17z, from an unscheduled broadcast. I have cut a great part of the beginning, which basically features the regular female voice with a lot of breaks and errors. In this fragemt, the operator gets frustrated and ends up sending the message live. Link.

Here come a few recordings that are related. They were send one after another, on the same frequency. It is what is known as a GRU test. In certain months of the year, the Russian agency GRU performs a series of tests to test their equipment. These transmissions can carry everything, from a burst of messages sent with different voices (like this set of recordings) to bogus 300-group messages that take nearly an hour to send. All modes are used (voice, morse and digital modes) and the transmissions may follow very bizarre formats.

My last recording is from the South Korean number station V24. I see that you don't have any recordings of this one on the page, so here's one made by myself. In case you're wondering, the song is called "Me Gustas Tu" and is performed by Gfriend. Link.