Did TalkSPORT host James H Reeve get conned into sending a spy message on AM radio?  

James H Reeve

"Dizzy Fingers" 

On 13 MAY 2000 at approximately 2230 UTC on the frequencies of 1053 kHz and 1089 kHz (plus a few regional filler transmitters) TalkSPORT host James H Reeve read out a suspicious e-mail by a listener known only as "David". Under closer inspection, this piece of broadcasting had elements of typical number station activity. 

It started off with a musical identifier, which has been positively identified as being from an album by Doncaster organist extraordinaire Gary" Dizzy Fingers" Burt. The actual name of the track has now been confirmed by the man himself, Gary Burt, as the theme music from the 1970's TV cop show "Cannon". He should know, he played it! Thanks for the tapes as well, Gary - I can now recite the turkey gag with ease! 

After the music, a non-plussed Reeve innocently reads out the 3 figure call up "824" to a whole nation and afterwards continues with his show as normal. What was it all about? You can decide for yourself by downloading the clip from this site >>> JHR Message

In another job on Manchester's Key 103, James receives a call from "Macca" in Winsford who expresses his new found interest in number stations. Key 103 call. 22 JUN 05

Another secret message from James has been unearthed from his Talk Radio days. This trail was intercepted on 15 JAN 2000 on the same frequencies as the above station. Is this message an indictment of the state of independent radio? JHR Message 2