The Deep submarium soon after its opening in 2002

The old Gillyott and Scott tug "Gillian Knight" wrestling with a barge next to Drypool Bridge. Its original yellow and green has been replaced by a dull blue. Now, whatever happened to "Hippo D"? It's here Hippo D. Thanks David.

Two dock tugs entering Alexandra Dock lock.

A cool windy evening sees a small Humber tug pushing an unwieldy cargo of wood.

The "Pride of Rotterdam" at berth in the Humber before it sails to Europoort.

The deep sea trawler "Arctic Corsair" at berth in the River Hull. Long since retired it, is now a museum.

Hull city centre Marina on a quiet Sunday morning in Spring 2001.

The Humber Bridge as seen from North Ferriby


A couple of Rix petrol barges taking a rest

Russian Timber entering Alexandra  Dock

Brewing in Hull since 1765, until some bad men from Mansfield shut it down in 1985, here is the old Silvester Street building.

The River Hull, full of barges c.1985 turns blue due to discharge from nearby works. It's really muddy brown of course.

Barge M/V Torksey turning in the River Hull near Drypool Bridge.

This ridiculous craft was actually a proper river going vessel and not a toy.

Sad end at Paull for the Gillyott and Scott barge "Oxford M" named after the old Oxford Mills seed crushing plant. 

Similar fate for "Auk" and an unidentified barge in the Humber at Paull.

These Dutch bridges are at the northern border of the city at a very peaceful part of the River Hull. 

Sunset over the city.

A cold wet autumn evening looking over the Humber outside The Deep Submarium.

Redundant ships laid up in the River Hull

The Rix Eagle after unloading fuel in the River Hull

You can still buy a house here in 2004 for less than 20000.

Relic from a distant age - Oil Seed Mill.

Barge Selby Judith used to ply her trade in the 1970's from the old BOCM mill shown left.

A cold and wet Anlaby Road (Dirk Smeets)

Argyle St with Hull Royal Infirmary in the background. (Dirk Smeets)

Fishing in the Humber (Dirk Smeets)

Hull Maritime museum (Dirk Smeets)

Queens Gardens (Dirk Smeets)

Princes Quay (Dirk Smeets)