Every month I take my now ancient Sharp VN EZ-1 camera and try to produce a short safety related video to show to my colleagues at work. For what it's worth, I have put some of them on the Internet. Here is a small selection.

Thanks go to my colleagues at BP for voting these videos the global care prize in the 2006 BP aawesome awards. This series of videos has now come to an end and hopefully someone else will take up the baton and keep the idea going. 
Thank you.

Right click on the picture and select "save target as". Play in Real Player or Windows Media Player.

Safety Video 33
Here is a new video with possible ideas for future projects.
Thanks to Rosanda.

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Safety Video 16
Skin cancer is a growing problem in the UK.

13.4 MB

Safety Video 17
What happens when you leave hot oil on a cooker.

13.9 MB

Safety Video 18
Reducing the hazardous waste handled by refuse collectors. 

15.3 MB

Safety Video 19
Chemical hazards around the home and garden. 

13.3 MB

Safety Video 20
Falling asleep on Motorways.

14.8 MB

Safety Video 21
The top 10 reasons for motoring accidents.

15.8 MB

Safety Video 22
Safety with ladders

17.6 MB

Safety Video 23
How not to get struck by lightning.

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Safety Video 24
Winter driving preparations 

18.5 MB

Safety Video 25
Top 10 children's accidents in summertime.

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Safety Video 26
Avoid food poisoning.

20.6 MB

Safety Video 27
Don't get run over at night.

18.3 MB


Safety Video 28
Trips and falls around the home.

24.2 MB
Thanks to NZ Govt for clips.

Safety Video 29
Health and safety on that holiday flight.

17.0 MB
Thanks to QANTAS for stills.

Safety Video 30
Report burned out cars as soon as possible.

19.7 MB

Safety Video 32
A couple of simple home health checks.