James H Reeve

Simon Barlow

Talkshow host James H Reeve (and his side kick Barlers) had a very short stint at the ill-fated long wave station TEAMtalk 252, which closed down on 31 JUL 02. In the few months he was there, I was able to send in a few e-mails (unfortunately solely sports-based) which were used on air. For your amusement, here are the clips for you to download.

James set his team a poser, which was to name the nearest football club to the River Mersey. Using Multimap, I was able to home in on the answer. 

After England's historic 5-1 win over Germany, a credit card was launched to celebrate the match. I came up with the idea of using it on my ill-fated 3500 mile car tour of flooded Central Europe in AUG 02 to tease out various nationality's allegiances.  

During Wimbledon 02, two British female tennis players were competing who were daughters of English football players. After my e-mail, James stumped the reporter (Kirsten Webster) by asking her to name them both.

During the Football World Cup of 02 the local Japanese crowd had the strange habit of taking a photo of the kick off - using a flash bulb. As if their puny bulb was going to light up a whole football pitch! 

In the same World Cup, the local Japanese crowd turned up to wear the shirt of the competing teams and cheered along with child -like wonder. This led to the bizarre sight of them cheering against their own team when Japan played Turkey. 

When Manchester United played Bayer Leverkusen in the Champion's League in 02, one presenter kept referring to them as simply "Bayer". I pointed out that they might become confused with Bayer Uerdingen who are another club with the Bayer prefix.   

I then had to eat humble pie as the above club, Bayer Uerdingen was no longer sponsored by the German chemical group. They are now KFC Uerdingen, (Krefeld). 

James and his sidekick Simon Barlow were non-plussed when I told them about a new yellow football I had bought for our works 5-a-side match.

I then told James that instead of throwing away the old ball, I gave it to a group of asylum seekers in a Hull park.

James' fellow Mancs duo, Mark and Lard brought out a dreadful album under the name of "The Shire Horses"  which included the "The Ballad of Franny Lee", who was famous for his propensity to dive in the penalty area.

Jack out of "On The Buses"


There was a "competition" to see if anyone could come up with another day job that Brazilian star Ronaldinho might have when he's not playing soccer. I suggested Jack out of the 1970s TV comedy show "On The Buses".

Christian Gross 

Terry Venables

During the search for a new manager, I suggested that my Leeds based daughter had inside knowledge and that failed Spurs boss Christian Gross was going to take over Leeds United, which was met with much hilarity. Instead Ex England manager Terry Venables took over and nearly got the team relegated before he was sacked. Ironically, Gross went on to make Swiss side FC Basel into a formidable European side.
TeamTalk 252 finally shuts down at 1300 UTC 31 JUL 02.

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