RADIO ANYONE was a documentary as part of the "BBC Voices" project.
22 AUG 05 2000 - 0000 UTC 
Download the show here: Radio Anyone (30 mins)
Edited number station content Radio Anyone

Edith Bowman

Edith Bowman investigates the new side of broadcasting.

Radio Anyone:

From CB radio to pirate radio and now the internet, supergeeks and superfreaks will find any means possible to get themselves heard over the airwaves. Whether it's to broadcast an amateur radio show or merely post up ramblings, there's a wealth of fascinating, geeky, and downright weird stuff to be heard if you know where to find it. To tie in with BBC Voices (looking at language, dialect and accent in the UK today), Radio Anyone looks at the ways people exploit technology to broadcast their voices to the world. From the illegal hijacking of the airwaves in a tower-block in East London, to the latest digital technology - podcasting.

The modern equivalent of CB radio has random people all over the UK talking about, well, random stuff, sent direct to your mp3 player to listen to at your leisure. It's the audio equivalent of blogging, and is strangely addictive. Huge in the US, there are only about 50 British podcasters so far, including two men who record their journey in the car on the way to work every day, and then home. And that's it.

An insight into the secret world of the amateur radio freaks, this programme reveals that most basic of instincts - the need to communicate. Whether anyone's actually listening is another question.