E6 Russian Man pop music interlude.

On 16 MAR 06 on 5180 kHz, Poacher in Russia recorded the following strange transmission. 
The E6 Russian Man begins counting in English from 1-0. After this, the broadcast changes to pop music. The tracks featured include ATB "9PM 'til I Come" (tnx Chris), "Revolution In Paradise" by Heath Hunter, "Lonely No More" by Rob Thomas, Galvanize by The Chemical Brothers (tnx John), a remixed version of Boney M's 1979 hit "Daddy Cool" and what Poacher assures me is the Russian girl group "Фабрика" - Fabrica. Oddly this is the only Russian language pop music track included.

Heath Hunter

Boney M

Фабрика -Fabrica.

1940 - Idler (...1234567890...)
1945 - Pop Music (test of transmitter?) last song belongs to Russian music group "Фабрика". 
The only song in Russian language!
2020 - Carrier, attempted adjustment of the transmitter.
2030 - Message E6 Russian Man for " 891" 734 734 33 33
2044 - Message ends and later transmitter turns off.

E6 Russian Man pop music interlude. 59m 16s.
Thanks go to Poacher in Russia for the recording.