The North Korean propaganda station Voice of Korea began to broadcast on the Lincolnshire Poacher's frequency, 11545 kHz, in 2006. This clash can be viewed in video format here: [2] VIDEO

S6 YL_slow_for 516_11780kHz_AM_0930 UTC interference
11 JAN 08  ("Poacher")
Mixing with an unknown broadcast station.
E10 interference with R. Belarus.   (DX in Russia) Dec 07
FTJ 2 
Lincolnshire poacher interference with unid station. (DX in Russia) Dec 07
Radio Ukraine International uses 9950 kHz in the 31 metre band. At 1610 UTC on Thu 22 NOV 07, the powerful S06 Russian number station transmitted a call up of "425". You can see a video of this here:

S06 interfering with Radio Ukraine International on 9950 kHz VIDEO

On 27 September 2006, radio amateur transmissions in the 30m band were affected by the E7 "Russian Man" number station at 1740 UTC. The interference can be heard here: [3]
The late "Havana Moon" reported that "one particularly dangerous station has been interfering with air to ground traffic on 6577 kHz, a frequency allocated to international aeronautical communications in the busy Caribbean sector". "On at least one monitored transmission, the air traffic controller at ARINC moved the pilot to an alternate frequency as the numbers transmission was totally blocking the frequency from effective use".
A station operated by the West German BND used to transmit on 9450 kHz which interfered with Radio Moscow (now The Voice of Russia) which used the same frequency. A tape recording of the interference was submitted to Radio Moscow which prompted this response: [4] The BND station's callsign was "Hotel Kilo". [5]
SW Radio Africa transmits from Meyerton, South Africa on 4880 kHz and is the "Independent Voice of Zimbabwe". Here you can view a video of the MOSSAD E10 station "Uniform Lima X-Ray" interfering with the African station. [6]
The religious station WYFR transmits from Okeechobee, Florida USA on 6855 kHz. It is regularly affected by the Cuban Spanish number station "V2". You can view a video of V2 interfering with the American station. [7]
A BBC frequency, 7325 kHz, has also been used. This prompted a letter to the BBC from a lady listener in Andorra. She wrote to the "Waveguide" program complaining that her listening had been spoiled by a female voice reading out numbers in English and she asked the announcer what this interference was. Could it be spies? The BBC presenter laughed at such an idea. He had consulted the experts at Bush House (BBC headquarters) who declared that the voice was reading out nothing more sinister than snowfall figures for the ski-slopes near the listener's home. With more research into this case, short wave enthusiasts are fairly sure that there was more to it than just "A voice reading out nothing more sinister than snowfall figures for the ski-slopes." [8] They were almost certain that this was a numbers station being broadcast on a random frequency. The likelihood of the broadcast being snow readings is in doubt because it would have been illegal to broadcast on an already used frequency.
S6 Russian Lady interfering with Chinese National Radio in Kazakh 0930 on 11.780 on 19 JAN 07 
(Mr DXer in Egypt.)
E11 calling 239/31 on 8800kHz at 0845 UTC with Portuguese radio amateurs in the background. 
E11 239/31 (Thanks to Mr DXer in Egypt.)

From Cairo, Egypt Mr DXer sends in this recording of E10 with Charlie India Oscar 2. It is interfering with Radio Djibouti. Recorded 12 JAN 07 at 1645 UTC on 4780 kHz.

Mr DXer sends in this recording of S6 on 8530 kHz at 1900 UTC with QRM from 2 Asian hams in an UNID language. Maybe one of the Chinese languages is Cantonese/Mandarin) he says.

From Cairo, Egypt Mr DXer, this recording of the Russian Lady, S6 repeating "516" on 12140 kHz. In the background is Radio Free Afghanistan. The recording was made on 2 MAR 07 at 0930 UTC.
Thanks to Mr DXer once again.  S6 "516" 250 250 8 8 .
E11 "Oblique" for '287/00' on 6252 kHz 10 MAR 07 at 1630 UTC mixed with Japanese diplo station "Slot machine" (XSL).
(Poacher in Russia)
E11 "Oblique" for '312/00' on 8544 kHz USB 5 MAR 07 at 1230 UTC mixed with "Sitor" ARQ system.
(Poacher in Russia)