James C. in the United States has kindly sent in some of his number station archive for everyone to enjoy. These are truly rare recordings from nearly 25 years ago and a complete surprise to have turned up after so long. Thanks James.
G 16 "Bravo Juliet" caught on 9065 kHz at 2030 UTC on 29 APR 1984

G 16 Bravo Juliet 

G12 NNN Sign on recorded on 4031 kHz at 0300 UTC 23 APR 1984

G12 NNN German 
V5 "4F CIA Counting Station" - including footstep call for "123"  9075 kHz 0000 UTC 15 APR 1984

V5 CIA Counting Station 
V2 Maybe live on 8915 kHz at 0538 UTC on 27 APR 1984

V2 Cuban station 

E10 Victor Lima Bravo 2 7605 kHz 1058 UTC 17 APR 1984

E10 Victor Lima Bravo 2

V2 Header but no message APR 1984

V2 Cuban station